Convert your patio or screened porch into a 3 Season Sunroom with EZE Breeze Vertical 4Track Vinyl Sliding Windows and Doors from DYI Patio Windows.

DYI Patio Windows Installation Guide

Vertical Four-Track

Outside Mount:  Is designed to fit tight within the opening from the outside with no interior trim.  The space between the main frame and the substrate framing is to be dressed out with a thin bead of sealant after installation.

Note:  This unit has been shipped with plastic spacers positioned at the left and right sides of the top vent, adjacent to the vent latches, to help maintain proper vent clearance during installation.  Do not remove these clips until installation is complete.

Step 1:  Dry fit unit into opening to ensure proper fit and operation before applying any sealant.

Step 2: Remove unit from opening and caulk the outside perimeter of opening and along the joint where the horizontal member meets the vertical upright post with the appropriate, approved sealant.

tep 3:  Open vents so they are all stacked at the bottom of the unit.  Center and square the unit in the opening and fasten one of the top corners, through the flange, to the substrate.  Level the unit and fasten the remaining three corners (A).

Important:  Maintaining plumb, level, and square during installation is essential to the proper operation of the unit.

EZE Breeze Horizontal Side Sliders and Lip Frame windows often require custom configurations. Please consult with us for accurate ordering information.

Step 4:  With vents in the open position, locate the top rail of the bottom vent, and place a fastener through the flange adjacent to the rail on each side (B).

Step 5:  Leaving the plastic vent spacer in place, one at a time raise all the vents until the bottom rail of the lowest vent is even with the previously installed fasteners.  Locate the top rail of the bottom vent, place a fastener through the flange adjacent to that rail on each side (C).  For units with four vents, repeat this process one more time to locate and place third and final jamb fasteners (D).

Step 6:  Remove plastic vent spacers and discard.

Step 7:  If your unit is wide enough to require a spreader bar, place on additional fastener at the head and sill in line with the spreader bar.  Units greater than 54” wide require additional fasteners at head and sill to prevent sagging and twisting of frame.

Step 8:  Once installed, push all four vents up to the top of the unit to fully engage the top vent.  The top vent snaps into the metal clips at the top of the frame very tightly.  Gently apply pressure if needed.  Then pull vents two, three and four down.

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